February 16, 2012

12 in 12: new habits for a new year - february update

to recap: i'm trying out 12 new habits in 2012. click here to read more about it, and see what other habits i'm kicking in or out.

because sleeping animals are cuter...
photo by meneer zjeroen on flickr

so, we've talked about january's habit (cutting out alcohol), and how it went well, but that i'm going to bring the booze back into my life (in moderation, and with a better understanding of it). i've cut back my pre-january boozing to a bottle of wine (two if we're feeling crazy) a week, which, for me, is pretty significant. and i'm really making an effort not to drink it mindlessly over the course of an evening. all in all, i think it was a fairly successful month.

for february i decided to take up going to bed by 11 p.m. every night.


it's going about as well as you probably think it is.

i'm trying, i really am. i just don't think me and an early bedtime is a possibility every night. setting aside the obvious difficulty involved with weekend life, i find that i sometimes just work better late at night. i bake cupcakes at midnight. i get bursts of inspiration so strong i don't want to leave my keyboard.

but i'm going to keep it up, even if every second night i see the clock strike midnight or later. the way i see it, i'm trying... and trying is better than doing nothing.

do you have any suggestions to make adopting a new habit easier? have you ever tried one out that just wasn't working for you?


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