February 2, 2012

12 in 12: new habits for a new year - january recap

to recap: i'm trying out 12 new habits in 2012. click here to read more about it, and see what other habits i'm kicking in or out.

{this should have been posted yesterday, but i was down with a migraine (i'm one of the lucky people who get them chronically), so my apologies for recapping january a little late.}

photo by deejaytee23 via flickr creative commons

to go along with my failed cleanse, i decided to eliminate alcohol for the month of january. i'd noticed that, especially during the holidays, enjoying a glass (or three) of wine had become less of a luxury and more of a routine. and i didn't feel comfortable with that. after 31 days of alcohol-free living, i'm happy to report a much better attitude towards alcohol, and how it'll be a part of my life in the future.

if you remember from my original post about developing or giving up these new habits, the point of the experiment was to adopt permanent habits, in order to better my life. and yes, going completely alcohol-free has made my life better. but, personally, i don't think the occasional drink will do me much harm. and i just really like wine.

the change i'm hoping to make permanent is my attitude towards alcohol. i want to continue the practice of mindfully choosing when i will have a drink, not just drinking for the sake of it. i want to keep wine as a luxury, so i can enjoy it more. over the past 31 days i've learned a few things i think may help with this:

1. i don't really need a glass of wine with dinner, or at the end of a long day. a tall glass of cold water, or a mug of tea makes me feel just as good (and i don't need to worry about the next morning's wine headache).

2. it is possible to have fun with friends without having a drink in hand. while a drink certainly does help loosen me up (and makes charades far easier to play), i can still be silly without it.

3. i like lingering over a cup or tea (or a dessert) at the end of a dinner out.

4. even just a couple of drinks in the evening made the next day's early rise more miserable.

5. making wine (or whatever your drink of choice is) a daily staple took the enjoyment out of it. i stopped really tasting the wine and enjoying the flavours.

did you try something new this past month? have you ever gone alcohol-free, or do you not drink at all?


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