January 16, 2012

mixing your own whole grain, gluten-free flour

friends, this week is not the best week. i've been tired and migraine-y for a few days now, so please forgive the less-frequent updates. i promise i'll be back to normal in a few days. in the meantime, here's a quickie healthy d.i.y. for you!


about a year ago i started taking stock of what i was eating (crap) and how it was making me feel (crappy). i realized fairly early on that i likely had a dairy-intolerance, but was reluctant to give it up for the sake of my dear, dear cheese. as a compromise i cut back on everything else. i stopped drinking milk, i cut out icecream and yoghurt, and started paying a little more attention to the processed foods i'd buy. however, my feeling awful didn't subside as drastically as i'd hoped. so i kept looking. after a ton of research and a visit to the doctor, the idea of gluten/wheat-intolerance emerged. so, did i overhaul my eating habits? did i try to reduce my grain intake? not so much. and i've suffered for it.

but enter 2012, and my new-found resolve to clean up my eating habits. and enter shauna at gluten-free girl and her myriad recipes. and i've learned. i've learned that eating gluten-free (and dairy-free) can be delicious.

now, in one of shauna's muffin recipes i found via pinterest, i came across the idea of creating your own multi-grain gluten-free flour mix. and all it involves is selecting a number of different gluten-free flours and starches, and mixing them all together. according to her, this produces a flour mix that combines the nutrition of each individual element, which then bakes up light and tender (unlike the dense whole-grain gluten flours).

here's how i made mine.

1. the "recipe" calls for 700 grams of flours and 300 grams of starches. if you don't have a scale, 700 grams is roughly 5 1/3 cups, and 300 is 2 1/4.

2. i chose roughly 300 grams of brown rice flour, with 200 each of corn flour and buckwheat. then selected about 150 grams each of arrowroot flour and potato starch.

some other flour options are almond, quinoa, teff, and millet. other starches are tapioca, corn, and white rice flour. choose your poison among all of these (go crazy with 100 grams from 7 different flours even), and see what kind of flavour mixture you can create!

3. i put them all into a large plastic container and gave it a few good shakes. then i baked brownies. and they were delicious.

the full 1000 grams should be enough to last you a few dozen muffins and a brownie pan.

note: this is the blend i came up with, and like. guaranteed it will change slightly with every trip to the store. there are many other flour and starch options to choose from. to see a more complete list of these options (and  for more information in general), click here.


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